Saturday, August 16, 2008

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BERMUDA Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

The bermuda Triangle is one of the topics that has atleast something to decide even today.This is a region in north western atlantic ocean where ships and aircrafts disappears suddenly which is very weird.Actually there are many theories that say about the bermuda triangle. some of them are aliens intervention, the lost continent Atlantis.

Actually the mystery of bermuda triangle was first recorded by columbus in the year 1492 on october 11.whenever a surface vessel or plane passes over this region its radar gets acting weird and then the surface vessel or the plane gets disappeared.


There are many reasons stated for this mystery. some of them are aliens intervention,The lost continent Atlantis.


The alien's intervention theory tell us that this is the place where alien's gets to see us by their own methods and other stuffs... it says that by their advanced system they just make the surface vessel or plane's radar act weirdly and also make it disappear.In other words this place on earth is under their control.

The Lost Continent ATLANTIS

Actually previously there was a continent called atlantis and it was lost. This theory states that this continent location was exactly in the place which is now called bermuda triangle. The theory also says that continent is under sea and adds that continent is rich in nuclear power so whenever a surface vessel or plane goes over the place due to nuclear power the surface vessel or plane just gets disappeared..

Whatever may be the case onli GOD knows what is the exact reason and the mystery of Bermuda Triangle is yet to be solved with full evidence as the above two popular stated reason doesn't have concrete evidence.

India's golden eye , Abhinav bindra : A Revelation

Ladies and Gentlemen ..The lone shooter who shot to glory among the billion plus indians..

I have to write about him in our blog if I am an Indian ,so here it is..

Abhinav bindra hails from a punjabi khatri family , from the city of chandigarh . His parents are the promoters of the Hitech group of companies which reportedly has a turnover of 300 crore rupees . He studies in Doon school , dehradun till 8th standard and then purues his school studies in St. stephens were he took up shooting seriuosly.


Yeah! , You are right as the saying goes , catch 'em young. His dad spotted his son's talent when he was just five years old . He kept a bottle on top of a maid's head and fortunately shot it on target . He did a william tell , a scottish fable which dates back to 15th century .

Doing a billion people proud

Achieving something from a country like INDIA where cricket seems to be the only sport people are obsessed with , is something commendable . He'll soon see the media turning upto him for all the ads which are gonna do some rounding on air. He has already got the appeal rate same as Dhoni's as some media experts feel .

Come on , Indians , Celebrate

This is something which is not going to happen once to often unless we realize the need leading the medal tally at the olympics one day . Think of this , I am damn sure that half the billion people would've been sad on that day coz of India losing to sri lanka in a test series , rather than rejoicing a gold medal at olympics . so , for god's sake , celebrate, This is equal to indian team winning the world cup..

There should be a sea change

After this achievement there should be one thing which is going to happen for sure. Achiving an individual gold medal at the olympics will soon become the dream of many rather than dreaming of rubbing shoulders with the multi-billionaire cricketers. This is too good for a country which has huge amount of potential . When one day India leads the medal tally at olympics ( for god's sake it should happen before i die , I wanna see it!!)..the only INDIAN who will take all the credit is ABHINAV BINDRA..the first-ever individual gold medal champion at olympics.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My take on nokia morph!

Morph Wrist mode

I've been amazed by this nokia morph concept since I've seen the demo video. This model has an amazing concept and boasts of the best in nanotechnology.I haven;t even imagined that a cellphone can clean itself on its own . Which means that your fingerprints in the phone will go off automatically . It has its own way of cleaning it nano water pipes in it .

It doesn't rust , thereby increasing longevity . The below facts are amazing features of morph.

  • Newly-enabled flexible and transparent materials blend more seamlessly with the way we live
  • Devices become self-cleaning and self-preserving
  • Transparent electronics offering an entirely new aesthetic dimension
  • Built-in solar absorption might charge a device, whilst batteries become smaller, longer lasting and faster to charge
  • Integrated sensors might allow us to learn more about the environment around us, empowering us to make better choices
Morph Phone Operating

It has an amazing flexibility range . Thanks to the spider silk principle which is employed in it with the help of nanotechnology.

A folded design would fit easily in a pocket and could lend itself ergonomically to being used as a traditional handset. An unfolded larger design could display more detailed information, and incorporate input devices such as keyboards and touch pads.

Even integrated electronics, from interconnects to sensors, could share these flexible properties. Further, utilization of biodegradable materials might make production and recycling of devices easier and ecologically friendly.

It has an amazing way of having itself charged . It uses solar technology with the help of the nanograss structures. It doesn't stop here you have the new high energy density storage materials allow batteries to become smaller and thinner, while also quicker to recharge and able to endure more charging cycles.

it has the ability to sense the environment too. You can place the mobile near the fruit you goin to eat it'll sense and tell if it is safe or not. These are done with the help of nanosensors inside it!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Driving directions for indian metropolitain cities.

I've always been jealous of the US citizens who get the hang of the all the latest technology. Be it a virtual dog, virtual human ,virtual flower. They get everything implemented. So was the one which helps all the citizens in each country ,the maps.

At last , Yahoo , as heard my voice (i believe!) They have opened the yahoo! local for the indian metropolitain cities. In this we can get the latest info about the upcoming events , you can vote for your favorite restaurants around your neighborhood. Want more? .

First change the city which you are living in from the pop under menu in the left most top corner of the page.

It has this unique feature which makes us smile. It has this maps . They are so cool , for instance , you have to go to your friends house for the first time in your life and you don't know the route . Here is a tip . Just type in your address in the 'from' text box and your friend's address in the 'to' text box .

Click on get driving directions . Thats it !. You get a new window with the map indicating the shortest route to your friend's house. and hey have I told you about this. It has this feature wherein you get the data of the auto fare , the exact driving directions and yeah u can sms the directions to your mobile . So that you wont lose your track on your way to your friends house..

here is the direct link..enjoy!

Saturday, August 2, 2008



Windows has many versions present in it.Windows was actually invented by Microsoft.Bill Gates is the chairman and as many of us know he is one of the world's richest persons.There are uptill now six hit versions of windows present today adn seventh one is on progress and is expected to be released on 2010.

The first version of Microsoft windows was windows 95.This version became popular because of the user friendly interface and variety options present in it. Also this also had a graphics interface which makes the people go for this type of version.This was the first type of version and so low on graphics and other graphics related options.

The second Version of windows was windows 98. This version was a very big hit at that time of launch as it had solved many bugs present in previous versions of windows....

Then there were many versions of windows likes windows nt,windows Me which were dedicated to various types of computers for example windows nt was mainly to computers connected to a common server.

Then windows Xp was launched this became an instant hit as soon as it was launched as it had a very good graphics interface and a nice options also there are many additional options present in windows xp. some of them repairing your computer from sitting elsewhere over the net etc..

Now windows Vista is being Launched although it is not a big hit as windows Xp slowly and steadily it is gaining recognition.This has advanced graphics interface and user friendly interface..

The next version of windows is suppose to be named windows Black and is expected to be released by the year 2010.It is also nick named Black Comb vienna.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The bomb attacks!

The death toll from a series of bomb blasts in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad climbed to 45 as the provincial government ordered a probe along with federal agencies to search for suspects.

``Investigations with all the concerned agencies at the highest level is going on now,'' Jaynarayan Narmadasankar Vyas, health minister of the Gujarat state, said in a telephone interview from Ahmedabad today. ``The central and state intelligence agencies are coordinating in the probe.''

Terrorist attacks in Indian cities have killed more than 185 people in the past year as bombs strapped to bicycles or hidden under theater seats and near market stalls have targeted civilians. While the government typically blames foreign-trained terrorists, most of the attacks are unsolved.

The dead included three women and two children, N.R. Baraiya, an officer at the police control room in Ahmedabad, said in a telephone interview today. The toll from 16 serial blasts that rocked the city late yesterday mounted as people wounded in the attacks succumbed to injuries in hospitals, he said. City hospitals are treating more than 100 injured in the attacks.

The police are looking for suspects and there have been no arrests so far, Baraiya said. ``There were no untoward incidents overnight.''

The explosions, all within 20 minutes in commercial and residential areas of the city, came a day after seven bombs exploded in the southern city of Bangalore, killing at least two people. An unexploded bomb was defused by police after it was found near a downtown shopping mall yesterday.

`Linked Blasts'

``The blasts are all linked one way or the other -- whether it is Bangalore or Jaipur,'' Vyas said. The agencies probing the blasts will come to a conclusion soon.''

An Islamist group called the ``Indian Mujahideen'' claimed responsibility for the Gujarat attacks.. An e-mail was sent to various television stations and media outlets within minutes of the blasts, the news agency said.

Anti-terrorist squad raided two flats in western Indian city of Mumbai after the e-mail address of the sender was traced, private broadcaster CNN-IBN reperted on its Web site.

Blasts occurred in areas including Maninagar, Isanpur, Narol Circle, Bapunagar, Hatkeshwar, Sarangpur Bridge, Sarkej, Odhav, Sardar Patel market, Raipur, Gowribhadi, Ambur Tower Building and Juhapura, police spokesman Raman Bhai said yesterday.

Two bombs went off in Maninagar, and an explosion in Sarkej was centered on a passenger bus, PTI said. A bomb was recovered today from a garbage bin in the Hatkeshwar area of Ahmedabad, CNN-IBN reported. Police have detained 30 people, it said.

`Vicious Attacks'

The U.S. condemned the ``vicious terror attacks in Bangalore and Ahmedabad'' and extended its ``condolences to victims of these senseless attacks and to their families,'' the PTI said, according to a statement issued by the embassy in New Delhi.

Riot police marched on the streets of Ahmedabad today ``to maintain peace and communal harmony,'' G.K. Parmar, joint commissioner of police said in a telephone interview. ``They are marching in all the places where the blasts occurred.''

In 2002, a train fire in the town of Godhra in Gujarat state killed 59 people, mostly members of the Vishwa Hindu Council returning from Ayodhya after a ceremony, triggering religious riots in which almost 2,000 people, mostly Muslims, were killed.

Godhra Train Fire

The Gujarat state government was accused by political parties and human rights groups of not doing enough to protect minorities during the riots that followed the Godhra train fire. Modi's BJP government was subsequently returned to power in elections that took place in December 2002.

Pakistan prime minister, condemned the latest blasts in on government Web site.

The Bangalore blasts were the first attempted bombings in the southern Indian city, where unidentified gunmen opened fire on the campus of the Indian Institute of Science in December 2005, killing one scientist and injuring four.

As many as 60 people were killed in Jaipur two months ago in the nation's deadliest attack in more than a year. Nine bombs placed on bicycles injured more than 100 people.

Bomb explosions on suburban trains in Mumbai, India's financial hub and the Maharashtra capital, killed at least 182 people and injured more than 800 in July 2006, India's worst series of attacks in more than a decade.

``Such incidents will not deter the government from pursuing its policy of dealing with anti-national elements in a resolute manner,'' India's Home Minister, said at a televised press conference in New Delhi yesterday.